The Crucible

Helping Private Equity Leaders Thrive

What is The Crucible?

The Crucible is a leadership research tool built upon thousands of private equity cases to yield a proprietary behavioral map to predict a leader’s potential in a private equity environment. We serve a wide range of clients and offer a variety of different services, from individual or group assessment, to acquisition analysis.

What sets us apart

The Crucible was created by private equity experts with private equity-specific data.

Population Variance Testing

Enabling clients to accurately assess and engage the best leaders, assessments must be free of bias that would reduce potential diversity in portfolio companies.

Private Equity Exclusive

Our research tool is optimized specifically for private equity funds, assessing the quality of a candidate based exclusively on performance in PE.

Contaminant assessment

In addition to candidate strength, we provide insight on potential weaknesses and liabilities. Providing a full, holistic insight into candidates is crucial.

More about our analysis


The Crucible’s powerful algorithm complements the PEQ by placing each individual into a proprietary Archetype. While the PEQ measures overall private equity potential in a more general context, the Archetype helps determine the more specific context in which an individual may be most successful.

Helping Private Equity Leaders Thrive

The five catalysts represent the qualities most important in any leader. Among these traits, demonstrations of cognitive horsepower, emotional abilities, interpersonality, executability, and overall leadership play vital roles in the future performance of any executive.

The Five Catalysts
The Private Equity Quotient

The PEQ score is derived from the Five Catalysts based on the unique norms of each private equity sponsor's preferred behavior profile. The PEQ can help convey the relative performance, upside, and/or risk associated with an individual, and can be used to quantitatively assess them.

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